Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Brief Hello and Good-bye

Lack of sleep makes Äiti a bad blogger. Blame it on the Bumpshie. 

Poor soul has had a horrible cough. Last night was better, so hopefully we'll get a reprieve for a bit.

We're off on holiday in a few days. Beautiful Norge, Norja, Norway. I have a couple of friends still there from my exchange year, on opposite sides of the country. Since we have to change at Oslo to get to Bryne, we're staying with my Australian friend and her Norwegian family in Oslo for a few days. She and her husband have 3 children, so yes, that 6 children under 1 roof. I think her eldest is about 10, so it should be interesting or murderous. 

Then we're off for a few days in Jæren where my other long-time friend has recently had a baby. It's also her 3rd, but we'll be staying in a hotel to give her a break. We'll be spending my birthday with them, so take-away food is already planned. And knock-out pills for all the children. Just kidding.

It's been 23 years since I lived in Norway. I had my 18th birthday there as well. Boy, how things have changed. I had no idea when I was daydreaming in my little room in Kleppe that someday I'd be living in Finland with 3 Scottish Weans. Not bad for a Iowa girl. 

So I will be quiet for the next week or so, but taking lots of photos for you all. Need to do my photography project while I'm there as well. 

I like to have the photo on the cover page, so here's a local view. This used to be a kind of ski and hunting lodge, I believe, but it's now used to host events and you can hire it for parties. At a crazy Finnish price, of course. 


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