Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back in the Land of the Unintelligible

Oh, how I miss Norwegian. So easy to understand, so easy to fudge if you don't know quite what to say. Throw in a bit of Scots and you're usually pretty close. Even the Chief was getting the hang of reading the language before we left. Finnish is so difficult. 

But I'm off to my first Finnish language class tomorrow. I missed the first session today because we were flying back from Norway, but my friend who went said they only did how to say hello and counting, so I haven't missed much, I guess. 

Norway was lovely, even with the stomach bugs and horrible coughs and a day in the hotel. Mostly it was being with good friends that made it so wonderful as we didn't do anything terribly exciting or new. It was a well-planned holiday for the kids at least. Staying at my friends' in Oslo meant there was a houseful of toys and kids to keep the Weans happy and visiting my other friend in Bryne meant the same. In Bryne we had a 6, 5, 4, 3, 1 year olds and a 2 month old. It was busy, but fun, we made cupcakes and watched videos and played with the player piano. Just chilled. And before I got ill I lent a hand with the new baby, oohhh, she was delicious, even when she was miserable with the colic.

We forced ourselves to go out on our last day, just to see everyone and make the most of our holiday. We dragged ourselves up this huge hill near my friend's so I could do my photography project. The Chief and I had barely eaten in the past 24 hours to avoid being sick constantly like the Weans and Mouse having had the bug the worst complained all the way, but still made it to the top, part of the way carrying his 'dinosaur egg' that he found. A very large rock that we convinced him to leave part of the way up so he could collect it later. The hill is called Tinghaug and it was a meeting place in Viking times for the rulers of the area, I believe. I was too knackered to try and translate the signs once we made it, so I'm taking the Chief's word for it as he had been up there on our last visit. 

I went mainly to take pictures of the area's stones which have always been a symbol of the area for me. They appeared in even my earliest poems about Norway. Again I'm not sure if my teacher will like my photos as there are no people, but for me they were lovely, an emotional revisit to a place and people I love. Here's one of the few with people.

If anyone knows of any jobs going in Norway, please contact us, we'd go in a minute.

The flights back went swimmingly, the Weans are seasoned flyers now and behaved like stars. We all actually had a nap on the second flight. Luxury. 

So we've now done the 'stomach bug, stuck in a hotel room on holiday' thing, so won't be doing that again, thank you very much.

All in all, it was a lovely holiday. 

I, of course, have hundreds of photos to get through, so will post a few to whet your whistle and then will do another photo post later. 

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