Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Mouse-like Thought Crept in Last Night

The night before his birthday, Mouse ended up in our bed due to a horrible cough that was keeping him up and threatening to wake the little Weans. 

He brought him into ours about 4am, about the time I realised five years before that I was going into labour with him. He hasn't slept with us in ages, it was kind of sweet. Though there wasn't much sleep for anyone. 

He had a lovely birthday yesterday, he got to stay home due to his cough which persisted all day. Foo went off to playgroup and Mousie went into the bath with his Octonaut toys. 

Then we picked up Foo and came home for lunch and a Star Wars movie. When Daddy came home we went out to his favourite local restaurant for chicken nuggets. And then home for leftover birthday cake from his party. 

He coughed a bit last night, but seems ok today. Kept him and Foo home anyway as Foo and Bumpshie kept everyone awake all night, so we were all shattered. 

Tomorrow back to the grind for Mousie. And I get a wee break with only 2 at home, but it's a holiday half-week (don't ask, I don't know what holiday and why only half the week) so all our usual things are cancelled. The soft-play places and museums will be stowed, so I don't know what we'll do. Hopefully the weather will be dry so we can play outside. 

The Weans have finally decided that the play area out front of the house is fun, so we head there regularly. Today Foo and Mouse had a bit of a blast. 

Bit of a change from 2 years ago.

The boys weigh the same now, Foo has lead-weighted bones, I swear. Mouse is still a few centimeters taller, for now at least. 

They're both growing too fast for me. 

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