Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last of the Summer . . . Chocolate Cake

Autumn is upon us full blast. The weather is every which way, one day bucketing down for hours with a ferocity you expect from tropical climates, the next the sun is lazy, thick and warm around our shoulders. Yesterday we were given a taste of the reality of what is coming, a cold wind that ripped through our raincoats making me wonder where our gloves and hats were packed after the move.

So we're taking the chance to enjoy the back garden, explore a bit of our neighbourhood, get outside while the getting's good. And as always, I took too many photos.

Mousie pulled up some of his carrots, think they're the last of the season. I am surprised that one got as big as that as he's not a patient gardener and tends to harvest things way too soon. But he loves it, and they were his plants so I left him to it. 

I can't believe we've been here for over a year and have never bothered to search out the area's forest walks. They are gorgeous and 5 minutes away. People have mentioned them, but it just never occurred to us. I can see us trying to squeeze in as many rambles as we can before the snows cover everything.

Our first walk didn't last long though due to tantrums and a nettle sting. So I went back later by myself to take some photos for my class and found the local allotments. Heaven. 

Here are some photos that my teacher will probably not be interested in (No people!!) but that I love. 

After an hour of wandering around the allotments taking distant pictures of the few plot holders about working, I got up the nerve to ask a couple if I could take some pictures of them. I got chatting vaguely to the woman who had MS and couldn't really work the plot much while her husband, who obviously understood more than he let on, did all the work of harvesting and cleaning the veg. They were lovely to let me stand around and take photos of them pottering about. I promised I'd only use them for my class, but I don't think this one will be a problem. 

I'm not really bothered what my teacher thinks of the photos as the whole thing was a success to me: I got 2 hours on my own to do something I love in a place I love, I got a nice walk in the forest and when I got home there was cake and giggles . . . 

and three blondie bears in a bath.

The good life.

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