Friday, August 26, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

The Foo will soon be off to nursery, a big step in his life. Cutting the first threads of my apron strings. Only 2 mornings a week, but I think it will be good for us all.

Bumpshie will get some time with me on her own, to dictate to me her every whim. She'll be able to play without having to fight for every toy she picks up. Don't worry, she can stand up for herself. Her most clear words at the moment are No and More. Shoes is also getting clearer by the day and I'm sure this should worry me.

Mouse has decided he wants to be an archaeologist and a marine medic and that he wants to go to Mars. Big dreams for that wee boy. Gotta love it.

I'll soon start my Advanced Photo Reportage Class. Once a month I will have to turn in 100 photos, marking 10 as my best that I would suggest tells my story. Fun but stressful. How does a Mum of 3 find time to take 100 photos of a subject that isn't connected to my kids? Answers on a postcard would be gratefully appreciated. Here's a few I've managed. Ok, one includes a kid, but it's cute anyway.

Summer's still hanging about, but not the scorching, drive you into the mosquito-ridden shade type. The cool in the morning but you're stripping your wrap off by 10am and letting the kids run about in shorts all day sort. I'm holding back Autumn with the sheer force of my will. I love Autumn, it's what lies beyond . . .  but we're not going there today.

Today is purple and pink asters and meekons bought at the open air market. Meekons are Foo's word for peapods, no matter what I say he insists on calling them that. Actually today he called a cucumber that, even though he kept reminding himself that 'it not a meekon, it a cucumber'.

The cucumber he patiently lugged all the way home on a metro and a bus, cradling it in his one hand clumsily while I held the other, the one pressed against his face over and over on the bus and while he watched his movie after lunch. Don't ask, I haven't a clue. He was heartbroken when I put it in the fridge so we could go get his brother. Don't know if I can serve it for lunch now.

Sorry, got distracted. Today is sparrows jumping on cafe tables after bread crumbs and a hoodie crow sitting on a tin coffee pot sign above us. Today is a violin and accordion duo playing Russian music. Today is the apples I bought ready for a crumble tomorrow and the vanilla cream I will smother it with tomorrow night.

Today is almost over and tomorrow is waiting. Good night.

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