Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Adventures

More sun, more leikkipuistos, more pools. But some other fun things as well.

At the weekend we took the kids to the Science Museum in Vantaa called Heureka! We had been last autumn and it is fun, but this time it had an added attraction - moving, roaring Dinosaurs. Mousie loved them, but Foo wasn't so sure. The first time through they were fun, the second time their roaring began to make him nervous, the third time he was almost hysterical. But he was happy to see them from a distance later on.

The boys ran riot. Foo was less concerned with the science experiments you could try and just wanted to knock things down and run about. Mousie spent time trying things, but enjoyed the cushions you could make into a big cube. We also got our faces put on coins.

Yesterday we finally caught up with some friends we haven't seen since the beginning of the year. Foo used to play with their little girl E all the time. It was a match made in heaven, their eyes met across the leikkipuisto, they ran up to each other and gave each other a big hug and then ran off to the sandpit. And have gotten along really well ever since, though they don't understand a word the other says.

We went up to their summer cottage in the north of the city. What a brilliant idea, why we don't do this in the UK, I'll never understand. 350 little cottages on small, but usable plots of land, no bigger than my allotment. Running water, but not inside, composting toilet, a daily grocery van comes by. The river is a five minute walk away. Garden is full of berries. Amazing. Will try and post some of the pictures I took later. Trying to do a photo reportage on the summer cottages.

The mum K went back to work, so I haven't seen her as much. She's been run off her feet, so it was nice to her in a more relaxed atmosphere. We picked berries, all the kids went mad for them, including Bumpy who was eating them faster than I could pick. We swam in the river. Mousie put on water wings and a ring and swam around a bit by himself. Foo just stayed near the shore. Bumptious dug in the mud and ate sand. That nappy'll be fun.

Then we had a lovely BBQ'ed lunch and strawberries and ice cream. And justrelaxing in the garden, letting the kids play on the hammock and in the leikkimokki, extra-large self-built playhouse, with E and her sister H. Our friends didn't build the cottage, but everything else. I'm continually amazed by the self-sufficiency of the Finns and the Scandinavians in general.

Isa came limping along at the end. He's injured his ankle somehow, but is unable to not use it. So he got to sit in the shade for a while. Now we have found the cottage we'll try and get back before our friends come back home the end of August. They live there for most of the summer, it's close enough for them to commute to work, but to still be on holiday.

So we're having a quite day today, hiding from the sun. Over the weekend I'm going to pack anything that's not nailed down or needed in the next week. We move next Friday.

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