Sunday, July 31, 2011

From the Bear into the Mouth of the Wolf

So we're all moved in to our new home. Well, things are unpacked, but we're still shuffling things about trying to find a good compromise between our stuff and the owners'. Two households crammed together.

Yes, the shine has gone off the apple a bit. While I love being in a family home, it's another family's home and we still feel like guests or invaders at the moment. Isä says it's like being on holiday, you can't quite relax into the place because you know you're not staying and it's not yours. 

Good news is the bedroom situation is working out well. The Weans have settled into their new room, all three of them without too much trouble. 

And we are sleeping in our own room on our own, well for most of the night, Foo keeps waking before everyone else and comes in with us around 6am. I love the brightness and the French door/balcony thingie of our room. After a year of sleeping underground, it's nice to see the morning light.

And Bumpshie is sleeping well, usually only waking once in the night for a wee drink and then back to sleep no bother. The boys are a bit unsettled, but they are so tired tonight after all the excitement of the move, I hope they sleep through.  

Things I miss from the old house - the big double walk in shower wetroom. There is no way to beat that except turning the sauna into a big bath. The space, the main floor was much bigger than this place and every little pile of toys mounts up now. 

The utility room. The washer and dryer are on the main floor now which is good, but they're in the bathroom which is already small as it is, so there's no space to spread out. Which means I'll have to put clothes away as I wash them. Bother. 

What I like about this house - the bedrooms all on one floor, the more accessible back garden - though Bumptious is taking off across the rocks every chance she gets. 

The neighbours are really lovely and we've met a few in the past few days, even a cute set of twins Foo's age. Called Sofi and Mint (ok, the Finnish word for mint, Minttu, but it's still a giggle). 

We have a fireplace and I can't wait to try that out in the coldest of darkest Finnish winter nights. The kitchen is small but has lots of storage.

The storage in this place is amazing, I will never be able to go back to chest of drawers again. This is the kids' cupboard, not even half full. The owners had enough room to stash their futon cushions on top and there's more open storage to the sides.
The feel of the place: the owners are well-travelled and intelligent, their bookshelves are amazing to browse, even if 70% are in Finnish. They have African art everywhere, houseplants (I have houseplants again), colourful rugs, old but well loved basic furniture. It's a lovely house, but we are just borrowing it.

I'm hoping this is the beginning of a happy new chapter and that we will settle in to our new life here. We've fallen on our feet in this crazy country, hopefully our luck will continue. 

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