Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Forecast is . . .

What's been happening? Canoeing, taking the kids to the beach and the leikkiepuistos, the Natural History Museum to get out of the sun, BBQs, typical Finnish summer stuff.

We're also slowly getting ready to move in 20 days or so. Smaller house, not as neatly done, but better layout (bedrooms all on one level) and in the same neigbourhood.

And we've been doing a round of doctor's visits for the Foo. He's having problems with speech and walking and has seen a Speech Therapist who's happy to leave him for now and see how he develops, and a Physio. Next stop an Occupational Therapist. He's fine in himself, a true Gemini toddler - brilliantly happy and ferociously angry one minute to the next, just needs a bit more help developing his coordination and motor skills. Trying not to worry too much, just give him the extra time and support he needs to figure things out.

Bumpshie is walking now, with a drunken sailor/ zombie kind of gait, but it gets her around. And she has reached that cheeky 'shake her head no when she knows she's doing something she shouldn't but does it anyway stage'. Wanna kill her when she messes with our computers or climbs up the stairs or out the door, but she's so damn cute.

And Mousie has learned to draw recognisable pictures, no longer just scribbles and solid blocks of colour. Think he's been practicing at nursery as he started doing it all of the sudden. Spent this evening with me drawing characters from Toy Story.

I'm sick of the sun, constant and melting, and of standing in leikkiepuistos in it. With no shade or if you find a tiny bit the mosquitoes find you.

The Foo loves the water, but I've tried to keep him to only going in it when Bump is asleep, but have found a shallow one that he can walk all the way across in and it only comes up to his knees, so good for his legs, but less possibility of him falling over in it. Mouse likes to run off and do his own thing and Bumpshie just wants to crawl everywhere she shouldn't. So I'm knackered most of the time with chasing them as they try and run off in 3 different directions.

Forecast of rain tomorrow. It better be torrential. I want an excuse to stay indoors.

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