Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Latest Nonsense

from Finland is that we're going to have to move in the next six months, sooner actually. Our landlord's son is returning to Finland so he wants to gift him the house. So we're out.

But then we have the problem of finding another house that will suit 5 people, most places are pretty small. We want to stay in the same area as both boys will be in nursery then.  Where we stay is not a cheap area and places don't seem to come up very often.

And as Isa can't get another renewal of his contract we'd only need the place for another four months or so. But in order to have a decent notice period to cancel our rental contract we'll have to move before November as not to have to pay rent for a house we may not be staying in.

And I'm not relishing the idea of moving twice in 6 months, one overseas, with 3 toddlers. At least I won't be 7 months pregnant.

Where's that bright side, you ask. We have no idea what the next year holds in store for us. Something good may come of this, we may find a cooler house, a nicer neighbourhood, make new friends. Or my head might totally implode and will ye be laughin then, no ye'll no, ye'll be greetin.

My new word for stress - Finland.

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