Friday, May 20, 2011

Fallen Behind, but Catching-Up

My attention is spilt across too many subjects: the kids, the house, wanting to garden, crochet, photograph, write, spreading me thin like Foo's milk on the table. Suitcases still remain unpacked, meal plans unmade, poems half-written. I can't possibly even attempt to catch-up with all that has happened since my last post. But I'll give it a scatter-shot attempt.

Just back from a holiday to Scotland and it's impossible to capture all the emotions connected to that, though we didn't actually do much. It's been hard being back after seeing so many good friends, family and places we love. Now again so distant. It's difficult to keep a friendship going on internet bites and 2 hours of face-to-face contact, but I am grateful that so many were willing to meet up with us. We had a wonderful time and filled our suitcases with lots of home comforts and our hearts with love until our next return. Will make a separate post of photos when I get them sorted.

Things have changed in Finland since we left. Everything is a lush green and bursting with life. Thoughts have turned to summer holidays, everyone asks what we're doing as they're all off to their summer houses for the weekend. Mousie and I are expanding our little plant pot veg garden with carrots, peas, beetroot, pumpkins and courgettes along with a few strawberry and tomato hanging plants. He says he'd like to be a farmer as he digs up worms in the back garden.

Baby Bumptious isn't such a baby anymore, having taken her first independent steps on our last day in Scotland. Still not prepared to let go of our hands for longer than a step or two, but she's ready to be off. Climbs the stairs to the boys' room, crawls off after them as soon as she's set down, cant's stand to be in the buggy or high chair. She's also becoming acquainted with the joys of sandpits and chutes.

The fruit stalls are stacked with fresh berries and the Weans are almost overdosing in them. Dinner last night was followed by a whole punnet of strawberries, half a pineapple and more than a few handfuls of blueberries.

And then there's the almost constant battle with Foo's temper and behaviour which has made the day-to-day very tiring. Our new method of dealing with him has changed him back to a happy little boy again. His love of singing has also returned. No more are our favourite songs greeted with the hand and a shout of  'No singing'. He even sang his father bits of two songs we had done during the day.

Things are still all go and chaotic, I don't think my life will ever be anything else,  but we're moving forward. I've even started studying Finnish, finally.

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