Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rain, Ice, Slush and Sunshine

Not much to say today, but thought I'd send you a weather report. I keep seeing all our friends back in Scotland complaining about snow and the rotten weather they're having. Suck it up, folks, you got it easy.

We are just starting to drift above 0C for a few hours most days. Which means the feet of snow we have left starts to thaw, slowly, leaving inches of slush on the pavements. Great for pushing a double buggy through. Then it starts to freeze in the afternoon, so by the next morning it's either a slick ice rink or a bumpy ice gorge to cross.

I don't know what to dress the boys in as it's still cold and the wind gets icy, but when the sun's out it feels almost tropical. So we're still piling on and stripping off layers everytime we go in and out. I go out without a hat to pick up Mousie from kindergarden and we get down by the sea and my ears are frozen. Forgot Foo's boots yesterday as he fell asleep on the floor as soon as I got his snowsuit on him, so he ended up in Bumptious' hot pink and purple suede booties. Very fashionable, my Foo.

Hopefully the drift of the temperatures will keep moving upward and the snow will begin to vanish. There's tons of grit appearing from beneath the ice on the pavements. I think Helsinki city gathers it up and will reuse it next year - maybe the Scottish councils should take a leaf and prepare for next year's snow properly.

But the sun is here, finally, so need to find our sunglasses as it is blinding off the snow. Spring is on it's way, I think. I really can't wait, I'm fed up with this Baltic winter nonsense, bring on the rain. Oh wait, we had some of that yesterday. Wacky. 

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