Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crochet, Museums and Baklava

After weeks of colder than minus twenty weather, the Clan household can honestly say it's had enough of winter. Whether anyone is listening or cares, I don't know. But this week there has been a slow creeping up the thermometer to a balmy -5 or so, so maybe the gods were listening.

It didn't help that everyone has had varying doses of the leurgy. The Weans had it first and were knocked down like bowling pins to a hacking cough and a mild fever. Then Mormor got it and it is still lingering 3 weeks on. Not a nice way to end her time here in Finland. Apologies.

So the non-working members of the Clan were housebound for two weeks which made the crippling cold a little more bearable, it looks beautiful behind glass. But the plague slowly lifted and we set off to play tour guide to the wife and child of a collegue of the Chief. Their son is the same age as Mousie so all 3 boys seemed to hit it off immediately.

We hit the child-friendly, inside things to do in Helsinki. Starting with the Leikkiluola, the Play Cave, a soft play area underground. Then the Natural History Museum, for the dinosaurs. The Sea Life exhibit, for the sharks; then Itakeskus, a huge shopping mall to the east of the city. Do you see the theme? Big wide open spaces perfect for boys to run themselves ragged. We did it all at about 50 miles an hour as Mousie was the tour guide and he was always rush to show us the next thing. Unfortunately, the kids were not old enough to be let totally free, so Mums and even Dads on the weekends were pretty knackered as well. A bit of a shock after sitting on my bum for 2 weeks.

It was nice to see the boys play so well with another child and for them to both have someone they could relate to and talk English with. 

With Mormor's departure looming, a few issues had to be taken into hand. First, the Chief and I had a trial run to get Mousie to his new daycare on time with all the little ones in tow. Check. Still need a bit of finessing with getting organised the night before, but it's doable.

Second, get myself organised for making dinner with all the kids in the house. I have started a weekly meal plan. So far we've had Chicken Noodle Soup, Turkey Burgers, Spanish Tortilla, Chicken Tagine, Spanikopita. Not all of it has been a hit with the Weans, but it's nice to have something different for a change and again if I can get organised at the weekend and do my big shop then, it can make things easier.

Tonight I took advantage of Mormor watching the little ones today to make a small plate of baklava to go with the Spanikopita. They taste just like the ones we had in our young, free and childless days in Greece, even if they were a little bodged together as Bumptious decided it was time for milk just as I started. So the last one awaits me with a big cup of tea as soon as I finish here. Nice end to the day.

My other wee challange was to crochet Bumptious a hat for the summer. I had some lovely peacock coloured yarn as Mormor called it and wanted to use it. Finding a good pattern and learning how to crochet again took a while, but after two dozen or so restarts I have managed to make a lovely floppy brimmed hat, with a little flower on it. So far she has tried to eat it when I put it on her for sizing. So it must be a success. The flower isn't sewn on yet, so in an odd place.

So my plan for tonight is to find a little cardi or something to go with it and tomorrow after Baby Group I'm off to see if I can get more of the yarn. Something to while away the last of the winter months. Yes, months, the thaw will take a while. But my fingers will be busy readying for summer.

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