Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Big Boy in the Making

It's all change for the Foo, and it's not an easy road. He's on his way to becoming a big boy. He's been using the potty and toilet since my Mum left with only a few accidents related to poo. He doesn't seem to know when he needs one and always manages to hide before I notice. But he's got his big boy pants and he's doing well though he doesn't tell me he needs to go, just comes willing when I say it's time. Only has had two mornings where he's woken up wet.

The next big challange has been dropping his nap. Foo is a very heavy sleeper, once he's out there's no waking him. He got dumped on his head while sleeping in his buggy on a bus and didn't bat an eye. It can take up to an hour to wake him from a nap. But for every minute of a nap he gets, he's up almost twice as long at bedtime. So after being up til midnight recently and regularly taking about two hours to settle, I've decided the nap goes. Boy, he does not like it. He can't verbalise it, but he loves his naps and knows he takes them mostly in the buggy. So today was Day 2 of Operation No Nap. Yesterday went pretty well as we didn't do the school run, but today he was extra tired as he woke up early this morning.

I made him walk home from the Leikkipuisto (play park) this morning and he did so willingly. But when I put on his backpack with the handstrap, put Bumptious in the sling and walked out the door without the buggy Foo lost it. He wanted, needed sleep and wasn't going to give in without a fight. So he screamed, cried, begged, threw himself down on the icy ground every few steps. Luckily with the backpack I could hold him up, so he couldn't achieve the full kicking the ground tantrum stage.

So the walk to the bustop took 20 minutes and was pure hell. I managed to stay calm, even when people started showing up at the busstop and stared at us in the nosy silent Finnish way. But when the bus pulled up he took my hand and walked on calmly and quietly. I have the lioness's share of stubbornness and he inherited a fair whack of it, but he'll never win a battle of wills with me.

I had to tickle him, make funny faces, noises to keep him awake on the bus ride and again the Finns must have thought I was mad, but we made it and it was all better from there. He played in the park with Mousie for a while and got an adrenaline rush enough to make the journey home. He walked home holding my hand, only getting upset when his glove came off.

And he went to sleep after 10-15 minutes of loud talking. Hopefully we'll get his schedule sorted and he'll be able to exist without a regular nap. He's a very strong creature of habit, it's just a matter of shaping his habits to suit us all. Tomorrow will be the test as I'm going to have to take the buggy into town so we can go to a Vauvakino (baby friendly film showing). But hopefully after a good sleep tonight he won't feel the need to nap.

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