Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Year, Another Dollar

The news is in - we're staying in Finland for another year. The Chief got his contract extension a week before his next one is due to finish. That's European red tape for you. As you may guess, I'm not dancing in the snowdrifts about the news, but we're settled here and it's a lovely place to bring up the Weans, so we will take advantage of a solid job in these shaky economic times.

It also gives us another year to do some things we didn't manage in our first. I wanted to do some ice swimming, the Chief tried it, but I never got a chance. And now the weather is regularly over 0C and the ice is beginning to thaw, it seems a kind of sissy way to do it, so I will wait until next winter. We can go up to the farthest north of Finland and see the area called Inari is proper Lapland. We can try to get to St Petersburg as it's a short jump from here. And hopefully we'll get another lovely summer and maybe a milder winter, though I'm not holding my breath there. Maybe we'll even see the Northern Lights.

Mousie has a place in a good kindergarten and we're still waiting to hear if Foo will get a place at Mousie's old Finnish nursery. I don't know how he'll handle the all Finnish enviroment, but I think it's a good thing to try as he's younger and will maybe pick up the language easier than Mousie did. The Chief and I are still struggling with the language. I have lots of vocabulary, but don't have enough verbs or understand the structure of the language enough to string together sentences, but I'm trying to use what I do know a bit more.

Here's some photos out our back door. I wish we had started from day one, but the photos start mid-summer. Guess I can add that to my list of things to do - get views of all four seasons as Finland actually does them all pretty spectularly. Sorry about the wacky formatting, if I try to add more than one photo the site goes a bit mental.

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