Monday, February 7, 2011

The Jolly Old Elf Himself Briefly

Day 2 in Lapland (Day 1 here) - Santa Claus Village beckoned and we followed across the frozen north - via taxi of course, this is the 21st century. To Santa's workshop, just over the Arctic Circle which Bumptious was quite impressed with.

We got there early so didn't have to queue too long. The entrance was a bit of a blur as Mousie was so excited we rushed through to get to see Santa that we missed a lot of secrets about how he works, like stopping time with a big wheel, etc.  Luckily we got a video that should show us more.

When we walked in Foo, who had just woken up, was facing the wrong way so missed Santa entirely. Mousie started off shy, but was soon counting in Finnish for him and thanking him for his Christmas present. He asked some questions and then we all posed for pictures and then it was over. I think they could have done a lot more with the workshop to make the build-up more exciting and afterwards more rewarding.

Foo wasn't very happy about his photo being taken so soon after waking from a nap and it's hard to get a good photo of 8 people, but here's our best. I'm sure the other adults will all disagree with me, but hey, it's my blog, get your own if you want to choose.

There isn't much to do in Santa's Village. We visited the Post Office and went to the Arctic Winter Wonderland which had an ice bar. We had some drinks, including a cranberry liquer in a ice glass. I did my photography homework there, but it felt really forced.

It also had big ice flumes that you went down in inflatable sleds. The boys went on the little one and loved it, not so much me, sore bum on the ice and I'm not good on rides.

And besides a lot of shops, that was it. Luckily they don't charge you to go on site, just for certain things like the Ice Park.

We were going to go to Santa's Park down the road which is more of an amusement park, but it's only open at Christmas time and summer - go figure. Mousie was a bit crushed, so we let him choose between the reindeer park or husky park attatched to the Village for our after lunch entertainment.

He chose more huskies. Auntie, Isä, Mousie and I went off and Mormor watched the little 'uns. We had to walk a bit and when we found the place, it seemed abandoned except for dogs. Which was cool because we got to wander and see them for ourselves, rather than be rushed through to the sledges. These were working Siberian Huskies, so lots of blue eyes and familiar markings, but lean, fit dogs.

We went off for a 2km ride, but not driving this time. We seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere, trees and more trees, a biting wind and nothing else. We got to hear a proper driver talk to her dogs and direct them and she was a she which is unusual, we were told. After that we were shown the latest additions to the pack.

After that everyone was pretty tired, but Mormor and Auntie had another shop they wanted to hit.  So I resisted buying tons of little reindeer thingmabobs, barely. Then we went out for dinner and Auntie got to try reindeer sausages and the Weans were little stars and behaved almost perfectly. Then it was an early night (well for everyone but Foo and I and Tigger and Pooh, damn them and their bouncy ways).  But Bumptious let me have a decent sleep so I can't complain too much.

Day 3 to follow.

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