Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Day in Lapland and Porvoo Fun

Boy, this sight-seeing, guest-hosting thing is exhausting, so this catch-up will be brief.

Day 3 in Lapland was more laid back. (Day 1 here and Day 2 here.) We had considered the Zoo in Ranua, but it was an hour away and the temperatures had dropped down to -15C and it was all outdoors. After 2 days mostly outside I didn't think we could expect the kids to put up with that so we went to the Artikum Museum in Rovaniemi before catching the train home. It's just a small museum with a big glass tunnel built on top and most of it underground. It has a nice movie of Lapin nature and a few fun exhibits.

It was a nice finish to the trip. We got a bit of info about the culture in Lapland and the Sami. The kids also got big wide open spaces to run around in. And run they did, but there were bears chasing them. Bump's new to all this, so was a bit worried, but Foo is a charmer, so soon had the fiercest eating out of his hand.

A nice day was had and then it was back on the train for the trip to Helsinki. Seasoned train travellers now, we did everything right and got into our shoe-boxes with no bother. Didn't make it to the dinner service though as we were all shattered. Foo and I of course had trouble settling with all the noise of people getting on and running down the halls, but even we eventually gave up and crashed until way too early the next morning when we entered a still dark Helsinki. Back home to DVDs, Lego Star Wars and our comfy couches and beds.

Today Mormor, Auntie, Foo, Bumptious and I went to Porvoo to sightsee. Ach, let's be honest, we went to shop. With the Chief at work, Mousie at kindergarden and Foo and Bumpy unable to protest (much) we had no choice but to give in to the call of the wool, clothes and craft shops. Even if we were turning into icicles going from one shop to the next.

I managed to resist buying tons of wool I'd never get around to doing things with, but was sorely tempted. I have learned though that I like my little girl in old fashioned clothes and have bought her first pair of panteloons and have found a shop that sells them, little simple dresses with pinafores, velvet jackets and boys' clothes with waistcoats and knee breeches. Much fun will be had this summer dressing them and the poor children will be bemoaning the cruelness of their Äiti for many a year to come, but hey, if you can't dress your kids in panteloons what's the point in having them. Will post plenty of photos soon.

We're off to Talinn, capital of Estonia in a few days, just for a short trip, but should be a nice end to Auntie's visit. Will update soon.

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