Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to the Blog

All's quiet in the House of the Clan, so this is a good place to start. 

I decided to start a blog, to keep me warm at night, to get me writing again, to do something for myself and to keep you, loyal reader, oh, dearly beloved, entertained and informed. 

Edited to add: as this blog has evolved I have started to document more about things to do in Finland with a young family. I'm always struggling for new adventures and activities, so hopefully this blog will help other expat families in the country. At the bottom of the blog are links to particular posts that review an activity, tourist destination or event that might be of interest. I hope they're helpful and fun for you all. 

However, as this blog is open to anyone, I want to keep it semi-private, so let me introduce you to our cast of characters.

There's the Clan Chief, Isä, who led us on our great Exodus.
There's myself, the Matriarch, Äiti.
There's my mother Mormor who has come to stay for 3 months. 
There's the Weans - Mouse - our eldest,
the Foo - second boy.
and Bumptious.
Edited to add: And Pudding makes 4 in 2013. 

We left our home in Scotland 8 months ago (May 2010) for Helsinki and I wish I had started this then as it has been one hell of a journey. But you're with us now, and the adventure is just beginning, so hold on, the ride may be a bit bumpy.

We're coming to the end of the holiday season. The Chief goes back to work tomorrow, with maybe just a hint of a skip in his step. I will try and ignore it. He's waiting for confirmation in writing that we will be staying in Finland for another year.

Foo doesn't go back to daycare (päivakerho) until the following Monday, so the next week will be an exercise to keep the Weans occupied without losing my marbles.

This is where Mormor will be a gods' send. If we can keep her well, the Finnish viruses seem to be kicking her hard. She was having enough trouble getting used to the Finnish weather.

We're up to our hips in snow and the weather hasn't gotten over 0C in the past month and a half. The temps are normal for Finland but the snow is more than they're used to at this point in the winter. But we're learning to adapt. We've got a sledge for when the snow fall is too much for the buggy. We've all got about 4 layers of clothes on at any point when we go out, which is a pain when we go in somewhere as you're constantly pulling things off if you get on the Metro or go in a shop. Nothing stops for the weather here, so I'm determined to get used to it.

It's a new year and I'm trying to be positive about Finland, the weather and the fact that we're here and will be here for a while yet.

New Year's Resolution - make the most of our time in Finland. So, I'm beginning with a blog, a visit tomorrow to a Finnish friend's home and hopefully the Chief will get me some info on a photography class I want to take. First steps in our new year in Finland. Glad you could join us.

Please note: all the photos in this blog are my property, unless specified, please do not reproduce them without permission. Thank you. 

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  1. I love the your titles. Will be journeying alongside you with great interest x


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