Saturday, January 8, 2011


The Clan marched on Porvoo today, to the East of Helsinki, in our haphazard sort of way. Tired boys always make an hour long bus trip more fun, but we managed pretty well. A lot of empty snowy land in Finland, so it wasn't an exciting trip out, but pretty, especially after the sun had gone down and the Finns turned on the lights on their houses in the woods.

Our visit to Porvoo turned out to be more of a extended banquet: a fancy lunch for the grown ups at El Alba, coffee and cake for us and lunch for the Foo at Cafe Fanny and then back to Herttoniemi for a Chinese meal. Mousie Moo lived up to his name and barely ate. While Baby Bumptious is showing signs of being a good eater like her big brother, sucking and munching on pork neck and green beans, stir fried chicken and vegs like a pro.

But amidst all the stops for nourishment, we got a chance to recky the town for my Auntie coming to visit next month. Porvoo is a lovely town, feels more Swedish than Finnish and is older looking than Helsinki. The Gamle Borgo or Vanha Porvoo - Old Porvoo has lovely wooden houses stacked on the side of a hill overlooking the frozen river, topped by the Cathedral. Saw snowmobiles going along the river, braver souls that us. Pushing the buggy along some slushy paths was enough for the Chief. Yes, the weather has warmed up enough to make slush! Don't know whether to cheer or cry. The town has some lovely shops and a museum that we'll have to try and actually get into next time. Went to one small chocolate factory shop, but I know there's a better one somewhere. Need to check with my sources.

Tomorrow may be a walk in the countryside if Bumptious behaves herself tonight and lets Äiti and Isä get some shut eye. Not holding our breaths.

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  1. An adults trip (plus Bumptious?) to fully appreciate the town may be in order. Will mind boys for chocolate :)


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