Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moon in Opposition

This is for our fans back home, I know you're out there.

After my last happy rant, this one will be a bit more sombre. We're a bunch of grumps at the moment. Nugget aka Mousie is swinging constantly from giddy to whiney on some kind of mad blood sugar induced pendulum. Must be a growth spurt, but it can spurt right out of here for all I care. Foo, in the midst of potty training and dropping his nap, is also not always a happy soul and if the need to wee collides with the lack of a nap, stand well clear. Little Niblet is teething and dealing with the frustration of learning to crawl and eat solids, so has had her less than charming moments as well. Keep telling her that gut dredging shriek she does really doesn't become a lady, but she takes after her Äiti and 'winna be tellt'.

But nothing tops the week of the Chief and I. We have been hit with several bouts of bad news from home. Not hit, but dumped upon from a great height in large quantities. There are several people we would gratefully fling to the Four Winds rather than ever have to deal with again, but better to not dwell. Our day will come.

And the poor Chief has picked up a virus similar to what I had in the autumn, that saps all your energy for weeks, so you can't eat, walk, think, do anything. And yet life goes on expecting us to do these things.

So we're ploughing on, in the merry Finnish winter. At least it's getting brighter out, a bit. Do the nights fair draw out as well? Here's hoping.

Here's a happier picture of my Little Elves - Pikku Tontuut. Don't think Bumptious is impressed with her outift though.

Me in my Finnish hat and a photo of the Chief taken by one of the Weans

Will try and find something nice and happy and Finnish to write about next time.

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  1. What a time you're having! I'm impressed that you have had chance to blog! The pics are gorgeous,though, as are the weans ... and on the up, you might have a future David Bailey in the clan.

    Hope the week improves.



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