Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Moon?

I'm in a good mood. After a tough week or two at the Clan House, things have calmed down. It may be because all the Clan have colds except me, but the tantrums have subsided mostly, the weather is a sloshy, freezy kind of thing, but not impassable. Mormor is coming every morning to help watch the Weans so I can get some things done, but also keeps me company which is lovely. Even though I have friends and go to different baby groups, it is work for them and me to have conversations, so it's lovely just to be able to talk without thinking. And yes, she'll read this, but she deserves a big mushy kiss anyway. Thanks so much for everything.

And we've started to book our trips for when Auntie comes to visit. Lapland here we come. I'm so excited. I've wanted to go back to Lapland since I briefly visited when I was in Norway. I love the whole Sami culture and get silly excited about reindeer. Hope to see the Northern Lights, but won't hold my breath or be disappointed if we don't. Going by train, which will be an adventure in itself with the Chief, me and the Weans and two single beds.

Then we're going to Estonia for a day, Talinn, the capital. Don't know what to expect but don't care. I love getting out and exploring. Going by boat, staying on board overnight,so another bit of excitement for the boys. Who needs sleep when you have trains and boats?

Other bit of fun is Baby Bumptious. After having learned the sign for 'milk' and using it to the point my nips are going to fall off, she is desperately trying to crawl. It's hilarious the positions she gets herself into. It looks like she's either doing yoga or facing Mecca. And when Mousie joins in and they're both bum in the air on their tiptoes it's hard not to laugh and take photos. Here's two of the more sedate ones.

Yeah, I've loaded photos, I'm on my way to becoming a Big Girl Blogger.

Writing some poems as well which is improving my mood as well. Here's one I'm working on.

The Snow

the squeak, crunch and sparkle
of the dawdle to school

the unfettered piles
sliding onto street and pavements
like his enthusiasm

the pristine drifts
too difficult for him to resist
dipping a hand
or diving hip-deep

the promise of white-lead laden skies
falling hours behind glass

the frustration of slush
compounded to ice rutted paths
by plummeting temperatures

the bite on exposed flesh
through thin cheap layers

the dry hush of my skin

the shovel’s slide
over the hard-caked path
biting out steps to our door
starting again as it won’t let up

the promise of light
in the unexpected crystal flakes
suspended in the air
as the sun whispers by

the neighbours’ fire pits
and ice candles
illuminating our way home

This good humour may not last if Bumptious keeps up her ridiculous night waking schedule, but she's been out the past 3 hours, so hopefully this bodes well. Keep your fingers crossed. 

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