Thursday, January 27, 2011


Guidelines - not straight or obvious. Let the surroundings speak for the subject. The rule of thirds. Allow space for a moving object to move. Never cut shadows or reflections. Best light -early morning or late afternoon, Finland has good light.

Attended my first Photoreportage class - I'm learning how to take photos and to tell a story with the photos. Two hours on my own - luxury. Felt very odd to be a student again after being the teacher for so long. And I was amazed about how much of what I learnt about photography is exactly what I teach about creative writing. Go out and see/read the best, and learn from them. Find a rhythm and repetition and use it. Practice as often as you can.

Though I'm not quite sure how I'm going to find the spare hour and a half I need for my homework every week. Homework, me, go figure. I need to take 36 pictures (no more or less) and let them tell a story. This week's assignment is cafe or coffee. Maybe coffee in Lapland next week.

Played with the camera a bit on the way home - inspired, I guess. Pictures of some of the lights the Finns have out at night, not as many candles as there usually is, but I'll keep trying. I love how alot of Finns leave their curtains and blinds open in the dark nights. Partially because I'm a nosey cow and love to look into their houses, but it also makes walking around a night much friendlier and warmer.

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