Sunday, May 12, 2019

Early Spring 2019 Catch-Up

It's been a busy couple of months. Our biggest adventure has been getting two cats, Luna and Bianca. And yes, Bianca, is silently begging you to rescue her. Pudding is a bit intense, but we're working things out. Cats in Helsinki can't go out without a lead, so we're learning how to do that. The cats are mostly freaked out about the big world, though Luna escaped for 24 hours and loved it, only came back for dinner. She was, of course, covered in ticks, so there are not future adventures planned in my books. 

The early dry weather means I was able to get the allotment sorted for spring before my birch allergy kicked in. Onions and garlic planted out, other things put in pots.

May First is Vappu in Finland, when high school graduates don their white hats and the Finns head to the park for drunken picnics. I helped organise the Finnish Scottish Society's Vappu picnic this year. There was facepainting, pies, mucking about in the park, crazy Scots in kilts, all the important elements. Hopefully fun was had by all. 

Easter was late this year, so the snow was gone from the garden and the Easter Bunny was seen stuffing her cheeks with chocolate as we collected our dyed eggs. 


We spent Mother's Day today in Kumpula Botanical Gardens, part of the Luomus, the Natural History Museum, trying to soak up a bit of sun. There aren't many plants to see yet, but the Kartanon building has a brilliant collection of rocks, minerals and a few fossils which the kids loved. There was also a nice little cafe with pulla and ice cream, so I was forgiven for dragging them out to a garden. It's a nice place to walk and will be nicer once more plants start blooming. Adults pay €7 and school age children pay €4. Mums on Mother's Day went free. 

Enjoy your spring.
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