Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Holiday Greetings 2018

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope everyone had a happy 2018 and are ready to move into the new year.

After what seems like a long time away, we went back to Scotland this summer for our holidays. We took my mum along as wee gift. It was really lovely being back and we tried to do more than just go to Glasgow, so the kids could see more of the country. Several good friends offered us the use of their homes and it really made things so much easier.

We spend the first week based on the East Coast and got to explore a bit of that part of the country, the beaches, book shops, restaurants. We commuted back and forth to Glasgow regularly to catch up with friends and family. It’s difficult after being away for over eight years, but some good friends can make it feel like it was only yesterday you last saw them. Thanks to everyone who spent some time with us.

Our second week we went up to the Highlands to stay in a friend’s cottage. I was a bit worried about all the driving on the twisty roads, but the kids handled it really well, even Aidan who gets car sick easily, so I would definitely consider going back. We visited even more beaches, a castle, a lighthouse and went to a Highland Games event. We also lucked out with the weather and had some really stunningly clear days. The kids really loved it and I hope we can get back to Scotland soon.

The summer weather was amazing here in Finland too so we spent a lot of the summer at the beach. Nice to remember those days as we head into winter.

Mouse is 12 and in 6th grade, the final year at his school. We are now looking into middle schools for him and trying to improve his Finnish. He’s still studying guitar and has become quite good, but I have a feeling this will be his last year. He’s been desperate to stop.

Foo is 10 and has had an eventful autumn. He’s moved from his small special needs class to a class in the local school where Bump goes. He dropped down to 3rd grade because the 4th grade classes were too big, noisy and disorganised.

The transition went smoothly and he’s happy and has made friends. He’s also doing very well with his studies, so all good. His legs have improved a lot this year and he’s gone orienteering with his class walking 4km no problem. It wears him out and he ends up covered in mud because he still falls a lot, but he loved it.

Bump is 8 and in 2nd grade. She’s coming along well with reading in both Finnish and English at school and has lots of friends. She’s also doing well with her piano practice and swimming lessons. She still goes pony riding weekly which she loves, she’s all about horses now.

Pudding is 5 and in her last year of nursery. She’s looking forward to starting kindergarten and even school, she wants to be one of the big kids. She’s doing really well in Finnish and I’m told she’s very friendly and helpful at nursery, though very independent and strong-willed.

We’re all busy and doing well. The Chief's busy with work and the changes there with a new director and an upcoming move. I’m kind of studying Finnish, though my class hasn’t really worked out this year.

Best wishes to you all.       

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